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Happy with the Results on the Course

What made me the happiest was seeing the results on the golf course. The distance off the tee required less effort and I had considerable gains. I could get it done during a busy workday since the programs are short and manageable. Also, I gained insight into the fundamentals of the golf swing, and this helped with my entire game.

In the past I had spent a lot of time searching for programs that addressed fitness specific to golf. Since Trainfuly I've been pain-free and have more knowledge on how to keep my body fit to play optimal golf.


No More Lower Back Pain

Prior to purchasing Trainfuly my problem was severe lower back issues when swinging the golf club, prohibiting me from doing much swinging or practicing. What I like about Trainfuly are the short and concise routines that are easy to follow, but still challenging at times. I highly recommend this program if you're having issues.

Once I recovered, the distance with my driver really increased.

I was slightly concerned before buying the product, with my ability to handle the program. At 60 years old, I can do the program and continue to recommend Trainfuly to anyone who wants improvement with lower back issues and swinging the golf club.

Trainfuly gave me the relief I needed to continue to play golf.

Richard Christensen

Increased Speed & Consistency

I started Trainfuly only three months ago, with an aim to help with different injuries I was experiencing and also improve my movement for golf. In this short period I have found myself injury free for the first time in the last two years and generally feeling better day to day. I am also seeing the benefits on the course; increasing my flexibility and strength has led to a consistent 7-8 mph improvement in my driver club head speed.

Steven J Clements

Increased Speed & Consistency

I was very active but bothered by low back pain. I started working with him in January of this year and have been extremely impressed with him as a professional and likewise with my back. I told my wife I was going to do this for my health and not just to get better at golf. As a retired surgeon, I enjoy our skype sessions, geeking out on structural and functional anatomy. I really like his prompts and cues on his online video tutorials. His programs are a part of my life and I am much better for them. I also picked up 15 yards on my drives!


Mike Sible M.D.

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