Product Overview

Trainfuly is the most comprehensive golf fitness training program available. We created the Trainfuly video series to focus on each core area of golf fitness. Each program is carefully designed and organized to help you reach your full potential and get you moving and feeling like a pro.

We know that professional athletes train entirely differently than the average person. The reason for that is simple… the fundamentals of training have created a culture focused on reaching exhaustion and repetitions as the primary driver for athletic improvement.

In reality and backed by science, what matters is training for perfect movement patterns, not fatigue patterns. When you train to exhaustion your body compensates and the result is overdeveloped muscles that create an imbalance in your body. Eventually, this imbalance results in pain and ongoing problems.

Equipment Not Included

Equipment is not included, we recommend purchasing the following from Amazon. The foam roller is the most critical to get started.


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