How is TRAINFULY different from the other video golf fitness programs out there?

Targets Your Imbalances

Until now, golf exercise programs were focused on reaching exhaustion as the primary driver for athletic improvement. When you train to exhaustion your body compensates and you end up with overdeveloped muscles that create imbalances in your body.

Rather than creating imbalances, TRAINFULY targets your imbalances and optimizes your movement. This makes your swing faster and more accurate while decreasing wear and tear on your joints and increasing your capacity to play more often.

This is not a strength training, cardio, or stretching program made by an average gym trainer or yoga instructor.

Led by a Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist

Thomas Malchow (B.Sc. Kin, RK, HMS, CES, GFS) draws from decades of experience working in North America and Europe with Olympic and professional athletes to enable them to perform better and remain pain-free year round.

Thanks to today’s technology, TRAINFULY can share the training secrets of world-class athletes with everyone at an affordable cost.

How can one program work for everyone?

Certain muscles are prone to adaptive shortening (tightness) while other muscles are susceptible to lengthening and weakness (inhibition).  The combination of tight and weak muscles can create movement impairments. This results in altered swing mechanics, as well as joint instability and predictable patterns of injury.

This is referred to as the PREDICTIVE MODEL and it includes roughly 90 percent of the population.

TRAINFULY is successful at reducing pain while increasing distance and precision because it is customized to the predictive model. Most people notice results within a few days.

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What if I don’t fall into the predictive model?

Even if you are one of the 10% of the population who don’t fall into the predictive model this program is completely safe and will benefit you immensely because it’s focused on reinforcing optimal movement patterns while eliminating compensations. This is how we increase your capacity and athleticism so that you can play at your best year round.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

If you stick with the schedule and focus on performing the techniques with correct form you will likely see results within a few days and significant improvements within two weeks. Most people see an increase of 10 mph to their clubhead speed.

Do I need to buy equipment for the program?

If you want to workout at home and never go to a gym, you will need to buy some basic equipment.  We offer links on our site HERE. The required equipment can be purchased for around $100.