You can’t build fitness on top of dysfunction

Posture is the foundation from which you move, including the foundation from which you move your golf club.

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The Trainfuly program has successfully treated hundreds of people suffering with low back pain. We can get you back out on the course in very little time and have you feeling and playing better than ever.


Designed by Thomas Malchow (B.Sc. Kin, RK, HMS, CES, GFS). Thomas has worked with hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes whose livelihoods depended on them avoiding injuries while performing at their best year round.


We use special techniques to increase the speed at which specific muscles in your body contract making your faster and more coordinated. These are the same techniques used by Olympic and professional athletes.


20 follow-along routines that can be done at home, in the gym, or on the range with minimal equipment. Your program includes a schedule and day planner making it easy to track progress.


Developed over 20 years with world-class athletes to increase performance and longevity. The routines are designed and organized to get you moving and feeling like a pro.


The TRAINFULY team is here to support you every step of the way - together we will achieve great things.

Life Changing

Developed from over 20 years experience of one-on-one sessions with professional and Olympic athletes, Trainfuly focuses on improving your posture and enhancing your movement.

Increase your capacity to play more golf and live a more rewarding life.

  • Proven and effective relief from low back and joint pain
  • Improve balance, coordination, and speed
  • Increase mobility and strength at any age
  • Olympic-style periodized program to keep you at the top of your game

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I started Trainfuly only three months ago, with an aim to help with different injuries I was experiencing and also improve my movement for golf. In this short period I have found myself injury free for the first time in the last two years and generally feeling better day to day. I am also seeing the benefits on the course; increasing my flexibility and strength has led to a consistent 7-8 mph improvement in my driver club head speed.

— Steven J Clements