What would more distance do for your game?

Did you know that many of the golfers that complete our program increase their driving distance by 10% – and reduce their aches and pains in the process!

“Increasing my driving average from 260 to 284 and even pulling out a 300 yarder on occasion has opened up competitive senior events for me”

Richard Christensen

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Listen in as Thomas describes the Trainfuly program that will help golfers of all levels play and feel better.

Increasing your speed and power

Increasing your speed and power

Increasing your speed and power

Increasing your speed and power

Increasing your speed and power

Increasing your speed and power

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TRAINFULY is a safe and effective golf fitness program. Your program includes 20 follow-along routines that will transform your golf game by increasing your capacity to play more often while enhancing your golf specific athleticism.

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✓ Scientifically Proven

A scientifically proven 8-Step Performance Enhancement Continuum.

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✓  Gain Greater Flexibility

Flexibility, core, and balance training to enhance your athleticism.

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✓ Over 100 Video Follow-along Routines

Follow-along routines that you can play anywhere and from any device.

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✓ Progressive Training Program

A periodized training schedule that shows you exactly when and how to progress.

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Increasing Swing Speed

Golf Over 50

Stop Back Pain

Peak Golf Performance for Golfers of All Levels


The Trainfuly program has successfully treated hundreds of people suffering with low back pain. We can get you back out on the course in very little time and have you feeling and playing better than ever.


Designed by Thomas Malchow (BSKin, CSCS) a sports rehab and performance specialist. Thomas has worked with hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes whose livelihoods depended on them avoiding injuries while performing at their best year round.


20 follow-along routines that can be done at home, in the gym, or on the range with minimal equipment. Your program includes a schedule and day planner making it easy to track progress.


We use special techniques to increase the speed at which specific muscles in your body contract making your swing faster and more coordinated. These are the same techniques used by Olympic and professional athletes.


Developed over 20 years with world-class athletes to increase performance and longevity. The routines are designed and organized to get you moving and feeling like a pro.


The TRAINFULY team is here to support you every step of the way - together we will achieve great things.

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Thomas Malchow

Thomas Malchow, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. Thomas specializes in sports rehab and performance training and has over 20 years experience helping  thousands of people reach their full potential. This includes many professional golfers as well as athletes across the NHL, NFL, MLB, Olympians, and most recently as a member of FC Barcelona.

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Cliff Oppegaard

“What made me the happiest was seeing the results on the golf course.”

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Richard Christensen

“Trainfuly gave me the relief I needed to continue to play golf.”

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Fredrick Taggart

“Trainfuly changed everything for me! My body and game feel better than ever.” 

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Dave Wicks

“As a professional golfer on the PGA TOUR Canada, I use the Trainfuly routines on my days/weeks off and before tournament rounds. I feel amazing after every session. I’ve noticed improvements in my game, day-to-day life and health. Trainfuly is awesome!”